Current affairs

Dear reader,

Current affairs have become a hot topic. So hot, in fact, everyone has an opinion. And so do we, on most subjects anyway. Weather we observe the beauty of everyday, share a fearless discourse on a current topic or give insight into our self-improvement exercises, we always have something you might find…comforting. Perhaps you needed a pat on the back that you’re not the crazy one and we’re here often to provide.

Choose the topic or read all of them! We encourage the second though:


Discourse: on writing fantasy
Discourse: Attack on Humanism, 2018 edition
Tale of Posh Living.
A white guy’s thought about racism (AK-M 47 trigger warning)
Tale of commonality among generations.


Tale of Self-improvement: Books
Tale of Self-improvement Saturdays
Tales of Photography: The Meaning
Tales of Photography: The Content
Tale of Music. 3 different genres in less than 12 hours.
About updates and how my mind works – A brief lesson in shitposts

Observations of Beauty:

Tale of Midsummer magic.
Tale and beauty of food and dining together.
Tale of Silence and where to find some.