Who is Fabula Nox



This is Indre (a.k.a. ixianvanguard). Yes, her face is always between laughter and cringe. Yes, that is otherwise called a “resting bitch face”. Yes, that scares waiters. No, she doesn’t bite




This mystery man is Bogdan (a.k.a. ihadenoughofthisbs). He pretends to listen most of the time, much like in this picture. He’s also most often DONE with everything, much like his screen name suggests. Nothing else can be told due to his mysterium.


Together, they formed Fabula Nox (latin for “Tale of the night”) – a collection of current affairs and imaginary tales. Strange? Yes. But that is the point. These two believe there’s enough room in this world for wild fantasies and accurate, fact-based work. More than that, they can coexist and readers are smart enough to tell them apart.

How they got to Fabula Nox:

“We wanted to paint, write, become great artists, smoke all day while reading with a cup of coffee and whiskey in front of us. Then someone calculated by how many years each cigarette shortens our lives. Because we were somewhat educated, we did the math. Numbers didn’t look good. To make ourselves feel better, we are here. End of one story.”

Enjoy, dear oglers! Facts and fantasy haven’t lived this close before!

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