Discourse: stages of exhaustion

For all those of you, dear readers, that dwell in the northern hemisphere, the spring is rolling in hard, with sun, warmth and budding nature. Yet something opposite of wake-up happens, perhaps not to all, but to some of you for sure: exhaustions. The inexplicable wish to stay in, curl up and hibernate, no matter how nice the view outside is. It can be comparable to sleeping in longer than usual: you rest enough, but to get out of bed is a chore, part of your body ache from stiffness, eyes are heavy, mind clouded.

This is one of the stages of spring exhaustion (some call it spring depression, too). The very first stage is mild tiredness. After New Year and all the celebrations, we bunker down for long nights, cold and snow, perhaps even move less and don’t go outside as much, yet we feel alright and happy. Then the days start getting longer and sleep stops coming so easily. Perhaps you couldn’t fall asleep one night and the rest of the week felt slightly drowsy, or you overslept a morning of work. Nothing to worry about though.

The second stage becomes more severe. As the weather warms, you decide it’s time to move the old bones and start more demanding exercises. Perhaps running, or cardio, or even spend that extra hour in the gym. Somehow your strength doesn’t seem to return as fast, you feel exhausted the next day and by Friday you feel so exhausted after work, the mere thought of going out to that party you promised on friend’s b-day makes your body cringe and shiver. Your mind is boggy on that Friday and you would give everything just to remain at home where everything is slow, silent and steady. Yet, you still push yourself and go, because (perhaps) your guilt is stronger than your exhaustion.

Then the third stage comes: the dose-off. You can dose off anywhere, anytime. Commuting? That window becomes magically comfortable for 10-minute nap. Trying to watch a series on the couch. Oh, the couch! So nice and big and the TV is just at the right volume to not disturb you, god forbid you lie down. Worst case – office desk at lunch break. And you are alone in the office? Oh boy does it look comfy, just move the keyboard forward.

And yet, at some point, after a couple nights of oversleeping till your bones hurt, you start climbing up. To push yourself out the door more often, to force yourself for a couple more exercise routines and before you know it summer is here and so are you, ready to meet it with clear mind and mobile body. Friday night doesn’t feel like you’re ready to be put into catacombs anymore and the budding life of the city becomes ever more inviting. Like this, slowly, just like everything around you, you, dear reader, wake up to life away from winter….until the next winter where you’re likely to repeat this over again.

And arguably, that’s how we in the northern hemisphere are indeed connected to cycles of nature, wether we like it or not.

Picture credit: https://gratisography.com/

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