Tale of Adventure: A Poem

Sunken city

Deep beneath the ocean waves,

Where it’s not the light’s domain,

Where no Man will ever say –

He got in and lived to tell the tale.



Stories go: there lies a treasure –

Gold and knowledge of equal measure,

Of a city Sunken deep the stories go,

Which you reach through many a foe.


Great and rich the city of old ages,

A sanctuary for water mages,

Yet treachery and foul play by Amos

Brought the greatness to its last hours.


Buried deep beneath the ocean,

Behind barriers placed by mere devotion,

Behind a hive of thoughtless monsters,

Set in darkness, their tunnels rotten:

Many eyes will follow thee,

Darkness hides nought but mystery.


Abyss is near around the city,

It won’t show you any pity:

Don’t look down into the darkness –

Keep your mind always at its sharpest!

For the monsters and their Queen,

Even rot like friend will seem.


When the Queen is left behind,

City’s yet behind a tribe

Of folk so strange and otherworldly –

Surface talk for them is bogus.


And when you cross another lake,

Only coming to a shut gate:

Better offer piece of music –

Sunken city wait for muses.


Deep beneath the ocean waves,

Where it’s not the light’s domain,

Thousand eyes will seek your doom –

Sunken city makes good tomb.


This poem was born after a very dark, home-brewed Dungeons & Dragons adventure. Our characters constantly faced eyes of the Abyss, as well as other foes, all for finding a city that was sunk by a trickster. We did not find what we were expecting, but it built our character on every turn. Hopefully, when we will come back to it, the Abyss will be less intimidating.

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