Tale and beauty of food and dining together.

There’s something downright magical about making food by yourself. You take a raw thing, unsuitable for anything but fertilising the ground eventually, and you transmute it into something that gives you nourishment and joy to your senses.

Most importantly, this transmutation spell can be cast by anyone with the simplest ingredients: fry an egg in the morning, crack it over a buttered pan, a dash of salt and pepper, and in 5 minutes and voila – a morning miracle.


Or you need a quick shot of magic for lunch, but have the equivalent of nothing in the fridge, but you’ve attended college or university and know that pasta is student’s best last resort: boil that spaghetti in salty water until you can’t feel the taste of flour in your mouth anymore, chop a tomato in bits with some black pepper, a bit of literally ANY cheese and if present, a dash of dry garlic or onion flakes on the tomatoes. Mix it up with pasta and voila – another miracle in under 30mins.

And this is without even giving any precise measurements or strict recipes. For more advanced spell casters, I dare a beef bourguignon. But you, dear reader, if you are advanced enough, you need to consult a spell book.


But no matter how good one is at food making, it is not nearly as magical, as when you get to feast with other people. Simple things made in a modest kitchen become that much tastier and more refined when shared with friends and family.

Rarely anyone invites their friends to simply have dinner together anymore. It always comes as some form of rigorous commitment: do I need to bring anything, do I need to contribute financially, will there be other people, what should I wear. All these stressful questions without understanding that it’s just a friendly company one is looking for, who appreciates you enough to share a piece of magic they took the time to perform.

Moral is: never turn down an invitation to a lunch or other form of eating, even if it’s crazy early breakfast. The host thought of you and probably considered the meal preparations carefully before issuing the invite and it’s going to be awesome.

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