Tale of Silence and where to find some.

After very music and sound filled weekends and some reflection, I had a very interesting conversation about the other side of the spectrum – silence.

So small background check here, although I consider myself from the city of Kaunas, for a very long time I lived in villages during summer and then moved with my parents to a quiet town outside of Kaunas. During warm summer midnights or eerily cold winter mornings, you could hear a train 10km away making its way on the tracks. The lights on the streets would go off at midnight and barely any cars would pass, so not only you can hear every small critter rustling about in the bushes, but also see all the stars in the sky and if August was not too rainy – even the Milky Way track.

Nothing becomes so hard to come by like silence in the city. There’s always something: a siren, a car passing by, a yell, a loud conversation, an exploding tyre – all in disorganised symphony that drives you to the point of madness, where even bird sounds become part of the noise.

But recently I have experienced a different kind of silence: silence among many. Walking 25km and more in a caravan of more than 8000 people is breathtaking. Everyone aimed at the same goal and still a major silence engulfed the sea of people. Sure there were the odd music element from portable speakers, the dog barks and loud laughter, but overall it was peaceful and serene.

As I’m writing this, I’m gearing up for another day in IT conference, the ComicCon for developers and entrepreneurs and I can assure you, dear reader, silence is nowhere to be found here. I remember that caravan of people fondly now and return to it in my thoughts often.

Silence can be found in the most peculiar of places, you just need to hear it.

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