A white guy’s thought about racism (AK-M 47 trigger warning)

So, this came to my attention: that Europeans are proven statistically to be racists.

I understand what the authors say and imply and whatnot and fine, I accept it, BUT…

Let’s talk about Zimbabwe. In 2000, Robert Mugabe said that whites were not indigenous to Zimbabwe and confiscated the land they owned as farmers and gave it to blacks. Bit harsh, but fine, there will be white SJWs that agree with that stance and who am I as a white straight male to disagree with the TRUTH that is the SJW movement. But just one tiny problem: now Zimbabwe is facing a famine.

Yes, we do have racism in Europe, no two ways about it, but is there no racism anywhere else? Where is the study that I need to look at before I go abroad to make sure I will not be jailed for being white? Where is the SJW outrage (because outrage has fixed homelessness, poverty, hunger and all those other pesky issues) at the fact that due to racism the “breadbasket of Africa” is now importing grain faster than a San Francisco hipster imports Tibetan yak gluten-free cheese?

Can we all just take a second and feast our eyeballs at the following chart:

my racist pie chart

(source; numbers are percent points)

How the author of it puts it…..Whites are just as much of global minority as blacks are.

Yes, there is systemic racism in the west, sure, history happened, but let’s not hide our heads in the sand and just say “Go for it” when a leader goes against treaties either. It has nothing to do with being white, black, green or turquoise. It’s about the principle of the matter.

Where are the wailing SJW for the fate of beaten, tortured and killed farmers of Zimbabwe? Same place as always: nowhere important. Being a militant for a racial cause and using random evidence for your point serves nothing *cough*same here *cough*.

So, when you catch wind of an international movement that helps white farmers in impoverished African zones, let me know, and I will donate 100€ to a black farmer in Asia.

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