Tale of Introduction – Mystery Bogdan


So, here we go. Oh GAWD, how I detest looking at blank pages of paper. Which is odd, since I consider “What men know about women” to be a crown achievement of humanity (If you don’t get it, you didn’t spend enough time in a bookstore).

Just to get these out of the way:

  • Although I am Romanian, I am not a vampire;
  • That picture is old, I don’t look like a literal man-baby;
  • Quitting smoking is the hardest (hehe) thing I ever had to do so far;
  • Animal person in general, not leaning dog or cat in particular.

I never really liked talking about myself, but I do not feel shy talking about what my brain is processing. I always considered myself average and if you are to look at my resume, I am average. But everyone is. Took me 20 years, but made this conclusion: we are all average.


Which, quite in a contrarian way, has led me to believe that that is fine.


I am happy to be average, as being average means being happy.


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